Xero <> Tide Sync not working?



I’ve been using Tide with Xero for about 3 weeks now. I had some initial problems with it not syncing because I added accounts to Tide before I setup the sync to Xero, but it’s been pretty solid ever since.

As of today - I haven’t been receiving transactions into Xero… I checked online and it hasn’t synced since 4am this morning.

This is a problem for me… anyone else having similar delays? How often does this happen?!

Could do with a manual trigger!



Hi @Startling sorry to hear this.

I can see that an agent from the Member Support team has been in touch you about this.

If you do have any further questions or queries please feel free to get in contact with our team, they will be glad to help.



I have had similar problems ever since setting up . It has sometimes been 3 days late. It has never as far as I can tell done it every two hours. I have been having a chat with support which has been a very slow process as well. Last advice was “Yes, every 2 hours the bank feed to xero will refresh. Furthermore, if you want to do this manually you can download your CSV file that says “Sage & QuickBooks””
If I was happy to download a csv I wouldn’t have opened the account - that was the main reason. Furthermore the csv file - either Xero or “Sage & QuickBooks” is not in the proper format to import directly into Xero so I would have to faff around fitting it into the Xero template.
I have twice disconnected the feed and reconnected it as advised but it made no difference.
I am very disappointed that this is not working and also that there appears to be no desire to get it working .


Still not working after three weeks. I get a sync early every morning. Better than nothing but not good enough when it is supposed to be every two hours. Revolut at least has the option to trigger a sync from the browser. Please get this sorted out.


I now can’t send a message to support on this, Maybe they have closed the ticket…


So sorry to hear this @JSC please drop us a line to hello@tide.co so we can assist you further.


We are also having the same issue with transactions not appearing in Xero, which means reconciling a real issue at the moment,


Hello, we re sorry to hear that you are unable to sync your transactions to Xero. Please message us through hello@tide.co and we will gladly assist you further. Thank you.