Xero Sync not working - Who's to blame?


This seems to be a recurring problem, Tide is not syncing to Xero OR Xero is not syncing to Tide. I’m unclear if Tide pushes the data or Xero pulls the data.

The app claims it synced at 06:25 AM 9/3/20, I’ve done a transaction in Tide to make a payment and I was rather hoping that it would appear in Xero so I can do a reconciliation.

Moving to CSV files and doing a manual import is a no-no, I’m not wasting my time on a 1990’s process and if this is a Tide issue, then I’ll be leaving Tide. If it’s a Xero issue I’ll be leaving Xero.

In this day and age, this should be pretty easy and seamless.

So any suggestions as to why Xero and Tide aren’t playing nicely together. It has certainly worked in the last few days but a once a day sync is pretty rubbish.




Tide and Xero synced today at 06:25, but the app still states it syncs every two hours.

The sync itself worked fine and transactions are visible, but once per day is not right when Tide says it’s every two hours.


Hello, we completely understand your frustration. We are currently working on a sync, which would be more frequent and more fluent with Xero. We will make sure to inform our members once complete. In the meantime, if you have any questions, regarding the Xero-Tide connection, feel free to contact us through the in-app chat and one of our member support gents will gladly assist you. Thank you.

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