Xero integration



I just joined Tide and I was impressed by the slick onboarding process.

My initial driver for joining is to get off my current Natwest service which is very traditional and clunky, and they are about to start charging after 2 years of free banking.

However, I do need the Xero integration to be working before I will start using the service - having to manually reconcile is not my idea of fun, so please can you let me know when the Xero integration will be ready? I would be prepared to be a beta tester.

Second request is for fingerprint recognition on the mobile app please - pin number is so booooring!

Third request is to ask when you will support savings accounts, and multiple accounts from one phone/device?



Hi Anthony,

Great to hear that you enjoyed the sign up process!

Happy to confirm you can get early access to our Xero integration by joining Tide Preview - our beta testing programme for Founder Members. You can learn more here.

With regards to fingerprint recognition: thank you for this suggestion! We’re looking at allowing our members to login to their Tide account in different ways (including TouchID) whilst still maintaining high levels of security. Hopefully we can provide more information about this in the future.

In terms of multiple current accounts: I am happy to confirm that registered companies can have up to 4 current accounts. This new account can then be used for anything you wish, such as savings, tax, etc. You can find a step-by-step guide on how to create one here.

In the future, Tide will support multiple companies – a more powerful feature that will allow you to switch between different companies each with their own account details.

I hope this helps - and welcome to Tide!


Great - thanks Valentine - very helpful.


Hi, has there been any update on the feature of adding multiple companies. Is this in the pipeline and any release date?


Hi Courtney,

Allowing our members to add multiple companies and switch between them quickly is a high priority on our roadmap. While I can’t promise a specific release date, I can confirm that we will be rolling out our multi-company functionality later in 2017.


So as it stands, in order to have multiple accounts, one need have multiple phones?


Multiple companies’ accounts, yes!
At least, until team management or company management features are announced.