Xero Integration Issue - forced reconcilliation of transactions



I’m also getting very frustrated with this and thinking of closing our account to move to Revolut or Transferwise borderless (we already have a Transferwise borderless account to pay international suppliers.

Revolut have recently released their Xero integration which does exactly what Tides integration should do and imports statement lines rather than transactions.



Hi @jhubb,

I’m sorry to hear this.

Xero have given us early access to their bank-feed API, and I’m happy to confirm that the team is actively working on an integration. We will be making an announcement in the coming days.

If you would like, I can include you on our list for early access? I’d also be happy to add you to the list to get early access to international payments.



Hi Valentine,

Can you please give us an early access on Xero bank-feed API?


Hi Valentine,

I would also be interested in getting early access to the Xero bank-feed API.
Can you give an update on when it will be ready for full rollout?



Hi @Zak, @jamiedonaldson,

Thanks for your interest in our Xero integration!

I’d be happy to add you both to our waitlist for early access.



Hi @Valentine_at_Tide,

Thank you for your reply. Can please give me an update when you can add our Organisational for early access?



Hi @Zak,

You should hear from the team in November :wink:


tide should have had supported Yodlee bank feeds from the very beginning - a basic analysis of your target market should have told you that (i.e. they are tech-savvy, using xero, freshbooks, etc.).

And the existing xero integration is completely flawed - how did it ever get past user acceptance testing? I certainly gave up on it after less than a few hours’ use.

I am currently reviewing accounting packages other than xero, with a view to making a decision before the end of my tax year. Even if tide ultimately sorts out this bank feed api thing, I’m probably going to be back where I started when I switch, right?

Of course, the real answer is Yodlee, isn’t it. Just like almost every other bank you can think of. I know tide likes it fancy 2FA (I like it too), but all tide has to do it set up a separate read-only web login for Yodlee’s scrapers (Santander do this). You could make this opt-in, and the problem is solved for all time.

Please add me you the list of people for early access to xero’s bank feed api, hopefully it will arrive before I take my business elsewhere. My account email address is as this account.



Hi all,

I’m very happy to let you know that our new Bank Feed integration with Xero is here :slight_smile:

You can learn more about the integration and how to set it up here.

Let me know if you have any questions.


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