Xero Integration Issue - forced reconcilliation of transactions



Hi @Viktoria_at_Tide , any news on this ?
I read about Tide’s Xero integration in the news and it was the reason I opened an account with you. But without this working fully, the system is a bit clunky. Using manual imports is like going back in time.
Can your product team shed some light on when we will have an update to the integration? If they just remove the manual reconciliation then we should be fine.


Hi @madsjensen, thanks for reaching out and for sharing your feedback with us so far. It still stands that we’re waiting for Xero to open their bankfeed API to us. Ideally, we’re hoping this integration is released in the coming months.

Hope this helps!


Thanks @Viktoria_at_Tide - I appreciate your update.
As I see it, Tide has gone to market with Xero integration as one of your key selling points.
However, the current solution:

  • is not on Android - only iOS. Which is bad enough. But I found an iOS to get things set up only to discover that
  • the current solution isn’t stable. I have had to re-enable the Xero integration 3 times today as it keeps dropping. And still nothing is synced. And moreover:
  • as others have pointed out, the method of syncing that is implemented runs counter to how most users use Xero, and defeats the whole point of reconciliation.

This really doesn’t look good and I think Tide is at risk of turning a lot of potential fans and advocates into disillusioned (former) customers.
It would be nice with something more concrete than a vague indication that you are looking to do something “in the coming months”.
Would your product manager be able to join the discussion and give us something a little more definitive?


Can you be clearer on “coming months”? I am not sure how long I can sustain manually reconciling - it’s it’s more than 2 months I think I’ll start looking elsewhere.


Hi @madsjensen,

Thanks for the feedback and sorry that the integration doesn’t work as well as you’d hoped for. We are aware of these issues and are talking to Xero about ways in which we can fix them.

To provide a bit more context, Xero has no bank feeds API and so we were unable to build an integration that worked the way some Xero users would expect. The main issue was that transactions could not be reconciled as easily in Xero and would have to be reconciled one by one in the “Account Transactions” tab and not in the “Reconcile” tab. To remove some of this pain we built the integration to automatically reconcile transactions that were categorised in Tide based on the category mappings specified in the Tide app. We’ve found this has worked really well for some of our members but as you point out has not been well received by others.

We’re currently working with Xero to try to come up with a product improvement for this. Unfortunately, it is unlikely that they will release their bankfeed API (this is the API that allows us to deliver you the same integration you would be used to with some other current account providers) before Q3. In the meantime, we’ve been thinking about what changes we can make to the current integration that deliver improvements to current functionality - an example may be giving our members the flexibility to choose if they want Tide to auto to reconcile the transactions or not. We have been talking to both Xero and accountants on this - and hope to deliver the improvements during Q2.

We will be reaching out to some of our members who currently use the integration for their feedback before we launch any improvements and would love to involve you in this if you’re interested?

Apologies I can’t give you a more definitive answer on this at the moment, but I would be more than happy to hop on a call and answer any other questions you have in the meantime.


Xero Connectivity

Many thanks Youssef - really appreciate the update.

What’s not completely clear to me is why other banks are able to provide the type of banking feed we are looking for, but Tide isn’t. Apologies if you have explained this already.

Would be very happy to provide input to your process if I can be of help. You are doing a lot of other things right (account setup in 5 minutes, rapid delivery of cards), so will be great with the Xero integration is fully up to speed.
The other requests I’d have as a business user are:

  • ability to operate using the web. Mobile only is really just for very small businesses. Not my preferred way of working (I think many other businesses will agree), and
  • ability to have multiple companies setup from one device. Having one device per company is a bit unwieldy.

As said - very happy to provide more input if helpful.

All best, Mads


Hi Mads,

Happy to explain this in more detail over a call but in summary we didn’t have access to the same method of transaction feed as “traditional” banks. Instead, Xero has decided to build a new API that we could use but unfortunately this will only be ready later this year. Feel free to drop me an email if you need more information and we can arrange a call on this.

Regarding your other request - we currently do have a web product and will be improving this further on an ongoing basis to bring it in line with our mobile app. Managing multiple companies from one device is also something we have on the roadmap for later this year. We’ll post an update on this closer to the time.

Hope this helps,


Think I’ll move to Tide from HSBC the minute this is resolved, but not before. Now watching this post for updates. Do keep us posted.


What’s the latest with this? The current way is a mess, and the responses from customer services in the chat are no help at all.

I raised this in the beta, for it to still be an issue in production months later is pretty poor.


Hi @eliotstock and @DanT,

We’re still waiting for Xero to release their bank feed API.

If you want to learn more about this, we’ve just published an update on our integration with Xero.

Let me know if you have any other questions, I’d be happy to help :slight_smile:


This is not clear, sorry. If Xero don’t have a bank feed API yet, how have I been able to get all my transactions coming into Xero from my HSBC account for years now? There are eleven banks listed here:


How come you’re not one of them?


Hi Eliot,

Thanks for getting in touch and for your feedback - we’ve just added the below to our community post.

Historically Xero have created, for each bank, a separate process to get the transactions of their clients in to Xero.

Unfortunately this is something they’re no longer offering on a bank by bank basis and have replaced it with the bank feed API that we are waiting for.

Let me know if you’ve any further questions.


The existing integration is useless for me - having entered invoices etc as received when I go to pay them I’m left with 2 transactions and no way to easily reconcile.

Have turned it off and imported csv instead. Then in xero the reconcile matches and works perfectly. Please please persuade xero to allow you to create bank account entries as well as or instead of transactions - or to give you early access to the generic API. It’s insane that integration with barclays/hsbc etc works better than tide.



Seems like this is dragging on a bit. I’m going to switch unless this system is fixed. Please can you provide some more information as to when this might happen.


Hi @petereroe

We’re waiting for Xero to release their bank feed API so unfortunately, we don’t have much influence on the timeline but it should be later this year. We’re and will continue to work closely with Xero to deliver a great integration.

You can read more about this in our Xero update.

Let me know if you have any questions.




I am also looking forward to the release of a direct feed into Xero.

I appreciate that you are dependent on Xero to set this up but, in the meantime, would it be possible to create a feed using the Yodlee service instead? I don’t think I’ve seen that option discussed yet. I guess this would cost but suspect many of us would accept a monthly fee in order to get an efficient link with Xero.



Anyone got any suggestions for a service similar to Tide but with a Xero feed that works?

I am also tired of hearing the same excuses. In the mean time the existing integration hasn’t been fixed at all. In fact, my feed somehow re-activated itself requiring me to spend almost an hour trawling through transactions and removing them from Xero.

Not good Tide, not good at all.


Hi @Leedsphotographer,

We’re exploring this option.

I’m afraid we don’t have more information to share at this stage but we’ll give you an update as soon as we can :slight_smile:

We know that our Xero integrations is an important feature for a lot of our members - rest assured that we’re on it!



I know that we are all waiting on Xero to sort out their API feed and that Tide are dependent upon that, but is there any way of giving some more details on when this might happen?
So far I’ve only seen replies that are “later this year”. If there are any more specifics on how long this will take I would really appreciate an update as the issues are making the prospect of continuing to use Tide very unappealing and actually making just continuing paying for an HSBC business account more than worth it (not something I thought I’d ever say).

Any more specific timeline updates would be hugely appreciated.



Hi @jamiedonaldson,

I’m afraid we don’t have a more precise timeline at this stage. I’ll be sure to update this thread as soon as we do.

Thanks for your patience. Let me know if you have any other questions about Tide, I’d be happy to help.