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Who in this forum has so far received 0 help from the government?

No furloughed wage or self employment package, no grant, no loan, and been relying on benefits ?

First time in my life I’ve been on the doll.

Unfortunate situation we’re in - I started up last June, have had people work for me sub contract & they’ve been unable to attain help which makes me feel like an extra twat.

Industry still 90% closed down but hoping to make the most of what’s left of summer from July :crossed_fingers:

I’m sure there are plenty of people in here in the same boat, we’ve been unlucky this time around but all said and done I’m sure we will get the help we need and things will work out as hard as it is to remain optimistic it really has to be done. What other choice do we have?

50 years ago we would have been left to rot so let’s count our blessings and keep our fingers crossed.

Out of chaos comes opportunity & I actually believe many will go on to thrive once all of this is over.

As I’ve said on other threads there’s reason to believe things will start moving soon so chin up people times are tough but they’ve been tougher !!

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I agree. I can’t believe for one minute that Tide will let us down. I’m sure the staff are working as best and as fast as they can to help us. If I’m proved wrong and Tide somehow mess this is I will hold my hands up but I’m certain that won’t happen. I for one am relying on Tide. If they mess up I’m (pardon my french) F*•+*d so I truly do believe they won’t.

In the same boat Cam but like you and Andy , I believe tide will come through. They didn’t have to do this and I’m thankful to them for putting themseleves forward where many fintechs have sat back and buried their heads in the sand.

I appreciate your positive, realistic messages it’s what we need during this difficult time.

Keep the faith and I’m confident we’ll be rewarded.

Same here, nearly 2hrs last week on the phone to HMRC, only to be told I’m not eligible and to claim universal credit. I just wished there was more communication. I’ve seen that there’s a waiting list app to check your status, but i can’t find it :woman_shrugging:

There is no waiting list app, apparently Tide are developing something that will allow members to see where they are on the list but no sign of it yet.

Hi all,

The waiting list (the one you have entered when registering your interest for a Bounce Back Loan with Tide) works like a queue, everyone who registers is listed in the order you signed up. We’re working hard to get through the list as fast as we can and we’ll contact you when you can access a Bounce Back Loan. We’ll also let you know if you’re not eligible.

We’ve been letting members know their place on the list via the in-app chat when enquiring, however this is a manual short-term solution. Many members have been asking for daily updates which is causing delays in our response times and leaving members frustrated that we’re not going as fast as they’d like.

To give you more clarity, we’re building an online tracker where you’ll be able to easily review your status.

We will share an update about this as soon as we can.

Thank you for your patience,

Sorry but this is just the same answers repeated over and over and no real clear communication of what we need to know now.
We are on our knees and the mental health problems that Tide will inflict on a large % of there members will be huge.
I trusted you but my trust is eroding fast.
These messages are from real people real families on the brink of collapse nothing to look forward to.
My day revolves around checking for updates from Tide trying to get some answers from any source as the communication from Tide Is extremely poor.

Please for the sake of your members get some BBLs out.