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That’s it - as ever the problem is with the system, sadly this time we’re on the receiving end.

Shame we haven’t got £500k+ stashed away we could open a bank account with United trust bank and claim a interest free £10k lol

convinced there is a loophole that could be exploited for anyone with enough know how was such a rushed process can’t see how there won’t be cracks in it.

note those companies offering ‘guaranteed bbl applications’ for a 10% fee, possibly the angle they’re taking!?

I would happily pay 35% for a BBL as it stands to save my business but all those companies are lying. I’ve been InTouch with 3-4 and it’s the same result, if you don’t bank with a High Street, they can’t help. I always tell them “Businesses” owners are now the BBLS experts not “accountants” You should always ask “Do you help LTDs currently on waiting lists and unable to open High Street account” from there Not interested lol.

Oh ok fair enough, trying to get paid for the easy part - filling a form & waiting lol.

If that’s the case have you not looked into invoice finance Or a bridging loan ?

Yes that’s a good move infact I’m doing some applications for Invoice Finance hopefully a week or two grab some sort of deal, thanks for the suggestion

There’s a company offing a bbl along side invoice finance.

Bare with us I’ll find it for you.

Guys please please take a moment to fill this in:

Personal grievance from no support through COVID-19 they will be discussing it on the 26th June - the more of us that do it and take it seriously the more likely they will have too.

Once you fill in your details they require a word document with your position / problems / mental health / business going under etc etc filled out and uploaded

Hi @Coandcare,

I wanted to get back to you with regards to your comment about contacting members that are not eligible.

This is our top priority, and we’ve already begun contacting these members, to make sure they can make decisions for their businesses accordingly.


I thought getting funds and BBLs to members were a top priority??
Not to reduce the oversized waitlist??
Oh any news on the waitlist tracker ???

Hi @Oscarsadie1,

Absolutely, it’s just different priorities for different teams.

I’m afraid that I can’t confirm a firm date for the launch of our automated tracker, but a dedicated team is working hard to launch this soon - we will update you as soon as it’s live.

Thanks for your patience,

Soon !!! How long is soon in the world of Tide ??
Very frustrating when most replies contain soon , shortly, we are working on it etc etc,
Starting to wear thin now and becoming a tad irritating.
May l ask when the next up date from Oliver on his successful Bbl progress ???
Suppose soon, shortly ???

I am not confident that EVEN IF Tide can make loans, businesses can get them, or if they do, in the amount needed. I was reading a response to a query from a Tide customer re switching loan offers between tow companies which both bank with Tide (answer is you cannot). But upshot of the answer was Tide hope to “make offers”. That is a long way from what SHOULD happen - which is one meets all BBB criteria, one submits form, self certifies details and gets money. What is a business needs, say, £20K and Tide “offers” £2,500? Is anyone confident they will ever get the money they need and are entitled to? Sadly, I am not

Nope definitely don’t see it happening!!
Really hope they haven’t mislead us all and secure funding soon.
Not much to ask is it valentine??

I think what they mean by “offers” is offering people a loan ?

Tide hope to be able to offer loans to customers ? seems pretty legit to me!

My main concern for them (similar to yourself) is how many people they Going to let down… apparently they have over 75,000 signed up, that would require £2.2b … imagine if they ended up coming back with £100m after 2 months of waiting - fulfilling 4000 loans …

You could have lobbied for them, joined the list on the first day, been sat patently & apparently still be 30,000+ on the list, not sure who’s all these decisions have been but I defo don’t think he’ll be winning ceo of the year…

Can’t grasp how he would think continuing to sign members up, in their hoards only to let them down would be good for company reputation or business.

Equally maybe they will service the vast majority and the reason it’s taking so long as the funding package is so considerable !?

Spoke directly with the excludeduk yesterday, hadn’t realised they were a team of lawyers :+1: … I mentioned the utb accreditation and clause 1.2 … she says they have a group looking into the bbl’s as so many people are finding them so hard to access.

I sent this to Tide as a very strange thing happened in that one of my limited company accounts that I had not registered for a BBL was refused a loan when I did not even apply for one . I have not heard from Tide at all regarding g my main account which is at least 30000 ahead in the line …
“”Hello I wonder if you can clear something up . I have recently ( today , see screenshot ) had an email for one of my other companies registered with Tide for the BBLS rejecting my application which is fine but my question is , I registered my main company FRACTAL ASSET MANAGEMENT LIMITED before the other company so why have I not heard back regarding this company . So please inform me what the position of “ the price of everything limited “ is and also my main company “ fractal asset management limited” … thank you””””

They want you to open an account because this case they have the legit way of credit check you. Normally they should only open an account if they can provide a BBL for you. So first check eligibility, approve the loan and THEN open an account (like feeder). But HSBC is tricking out the system with that feeder account. Even though that account is just for (fake reasoning of course) being able to send the money somewhere and then they remove that account right away, they still declining people to be able to open feeder account because of a credit check. We are not stupid… I think government should have given less authority to the banks or not even using them, but a government page where businesses can apply like to furlough… They are able to manage it they should have managed this as well…

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