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Just asking will we ever see the “ list tracker “ ???
Will we ever see a bbl ???
Have we been mislead to the communication coming from Tide ??
Are they using there accreditation to onboard more new members ???
Is the BBB investigating there process into delivering BBLS???
Are they Withholding the real issues they are facing regarding securing more funding ???
There are so many questions that need to be answered and always the same old replies!!! Week on week they are treating us members with contempt !!!
Another week gone and nothing changes !!!
Another standard reply from valentine!!!

“WE STAND WITH YOU “ ??? Do you ???

Oh well of to list more equipment on eBay to raise money to survive!!!

Thanks Tide :+1:

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Valentine said yesterday the automated waiting list would be very soon. Very soon to me would mean today or Monday at the very latest. Keep your chin up mate. I’m in the same position as you but I’m sure Tide will come through for us.

I share you’re frustration but not with tide, with the whole shit show the lack of support has created, how we have not recieved any help while others are rolling in it, still furloughed and still able to work & we’re struggling to get a f**king loan lol. Gotta laugh.

I think we just have to appreciate where tide are coming from tho, if they could borrow from the boe then the whole process would have been sorted a long time ago.

I’m not sure if you’ve ever invested in the stock market but if you have you’ll appreciate big deals of any nature don’t happen as fast as people would like.

A deal (which is this is) that involves hundreds of millions takes months, 2+, realistically - terms, legal practices etc and then add in the factor of covid and the problems and hiccups faced along the way, also the possibility of revised terms due to changes in the structure laid out by the government etc.

Not to mention f**king plebs reporting tide to the bbb and fca and the issues that could cause, not only to the borrower but the lender… I don’t know about you but if i was lending hundreds of millions I may become a bit wary of the customers of the borrower were whinging & bitching to the fca.

I’d guess tide will have learnt a lot from this process & if they did it again I’m sure they would go about it slightly differently, but a small company, not perfect trying to do its best for small businesses and facing many unforeseen challenges.

I wrote an email to the bbb yesterday - I have heard of others doing the same and getting correspondence, it could be worth everyone doing so, no finger pointing but perhaps just highlighting the problems we’re facing trying to gain access to funds & our personal roadblocks!?

As the old saying goes “a watched pot never boils” frustrating, hard to get out of bed on the right side atm, a emotional rollercoaster. Not tides fault tho.

Email to bbb attached, could be worth everyone sending something similar. I’m somewhat confused how it’s legal to be discriminated for this kind of government initiative, it’s like corporate favouritism, I’m finding it impossible to access a loan because my business was set up in a personal, I can prove I was operational yet someone else who is yet to actually trade gets £50k ?! Quite frankly it’s bs.

Email to bbb attached.

I don’t know why are you guys still waiting and hoping? There are other avenues. Don’t waste any minute more and just try elsewhere asap.
We are already sorted. Yes it took 2-3 weeks but the final result was worth it.
You can still be on here and wait for waiting list tool BUT register and start in other places as well.
All, my partner and colleagues, are sorted now. NatWest, HSBC, TSB, Metro and Lloyd’s. Used either direct route to HSBC feeder or indirectly via personal bank accounts.

If in the meantime Tide will start lending then no harm done anyway.

Pleased you finally got sorted.

As far as accessing a loan, still trying, coming up against un told obstacles hence the letter to the British business bank.

It’s not the same process for everyone sadly, depending on your initial circumstance each bank has different clauses on either opening a account & transferring or gaining access via a feeder.

Trust me as I’m sure is the same for everyone else waiting, if I’d of known about this in 2019 I’d have gone about things very differently & wouldn’t have banked with monzo, I just like and always have liked supporting the underdog little did I know it would put my livelihood & future at risk.

Heinsight is a funny old thing.

If you only bank with Tide and Monzo then yes, you are somehow limited.
Still, if you are in England you can apply for HSBC feeder, Barclays (I think), open new Metro account in branch.
Plus (if this trick still works) you can apply for Halifax personal, in 5 minutes you will know sort code and account number then use Halifax link to apply for Lloyd’s business account. Yes you would need to not be quite honest as you would need to confirm that you use your personal account for business but they will survive and won’t care that much anyway.
Or better do all those things plus wait for waiting list tool which might tell you some disheartening number rather than allow to apply…

I agree wholeheartedly. I haven’t given up hope yet, hanging on by a thread :slight_smile:

I wasn’t aware of the Halifax situation, I will investigate.

Thank you :slight_smile:

Just received a reply from the British Business Bank:

"Thank you for contacting the British Business Bank.

Please see the below information relating to your enquiry:

The Bounce Back Loan Scheme (BBLS) launched for applications on Monday 4 May, and is being delivered through a network of accredited lenders. Full details of the Scheme are available here 4.

Under BBLS, the lender retains the authority to decide whether to offer you finance.

If one lender turns you down, you can still approach other lenders within the scheme 5.

There is significant interest in the BBL Scheme and in some cases wait times may be required as a result. If this is the case, please be patient as lenders are working hard to respond to demand and prioritise support where it’s needed most. We suggest that borrowers approach their existing lender through their online channel wherever possible so that demand can be managed evenly across our accredited lenders. We are working to help more lenders become accredited and have created a fast process to enable this to happen quickly. Please keep checking our list of accredited lenders 5 for further updates.

If you are unhappy with the lender’s decision not to offer you finance, you have the option to raise this with the lender directly following their complaints or lending appeals process (in line with their standard policies and procedures).

More information and frequently asked questions about BBLS can be found on the British Business Bank website 4.

I hope this has clarified the situation and wish you success in your future endeavours."

My reply:

"When the scheme was announced in May the government said that it was to allow those who were not receiving any access to support, to gain access to support.

At the time I sought professional advice and was informed that I would 100% be entitled to the government, tax payer supported initiative. I proceeded to sell my car, to cover expenses to get me through the proceeding month on the knowledge I would be entitled to this, government backed, tax payer supported loan and repurchase a work vehicle before starting work again, having been left with no support so far.

Now 6 weeks since the initiative was announced, you’re informing me by way of reply that a profit corporation, in many cases publicly listed company, can discriminate as to who is allowed to access the government backed, tax payer supported loan?

If i’m not mistaken this is discrimination, with public funds via a privately owned company?

A shareholder owned entity can dictate & decide as to who’s business survives & who loses their livelihood? For a government backed, tax payer supported initiative?

Point 1.2 under the Bounce back loan scheme terms dated 2/5/2020

  • reduce imbalances in access to finance for smaller businesses across the UK, including identifying gaps

Point 2 under the Bounce back loan scheme terms dated 2/5/2020

BBLS enables the smallest businesses (SMEs and ‘micro’ businesses) or other types of businesses which only require smaller loans, that have been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic to gain access to finance more quickly. The application process is fast, with borrowers completing a simple online application form, which is then expeditiously processed by Lenders. A business applying for a BBLS facility will, amongst other things, be required to self-declare that:

  • it has been impacted by the Coronavirus (COVID-19) epidemic;
  • it was not a business in difficulty at 31 December 2019 (if it was, then the borrower must confirmit complies with additional state aid restrictions under de minimis state aid rules);
  • it is a business engaged in trading or commercial activity in the UK and was established by 1 March2020;
  • it is not using CBILS, the Coronavirus Large Business Interruption Loan Scheme (“CLBILS”) or theBank of England’s Covid Corporate Financing Facility Scheme (“CCFF”), unless the BBLS facility will refinance the whole of the CBILS, CLBILS or CCFF facility; and

• its business is not in a restricted sector.

Would it please be possible to clarify the above as after taking personal measures by way of selling my vehicle to support myself though this time, based on all the above criteria which I can fulfil, im confused as to how a government scheme and the future of individuals is dictated via private companies?

As well as the above terms which are written the information given out via the media at the time of launch were similar, at no point did the scheme seem intended to support businesses with access to £500,000 worth of funding and not support those who are struggling to gain funding (as per point 1.2)

Any clarification would be a great help in regard to the steps i can take from here."

Will be interesting to hear their reply should it not be generic, not holding much hope.

I used that link. Set everything up but when you come to choose your business type there is not option for limited. In other words they are not taking on limited company’s.

Sorry, I didn’t investigate ltd comp as am a sole trader

Hi all,

@Oscarsadie1 I have replied to your other message here 5 - I also wanted to reply to your and @Andyp1966’s question about our list tracker.

As you know, we beta launch all our new features to selected groups of members to troubleshoot and ensure that the system works seamlessly before sharing it with all our members. We’re looking to beta launch in the next week, and as soon as the feature has been tested we’ll launch full scale to all our members.

As with all tech developments it’s difficult to give an exact date, but I wanted to reassure you that this is an absolute priority and we have a full-time dedicated team working on this feature.

Thanks for your ongoing support and patience.

I hope you all have a nice weekend.


No doubt lenders have the right to turn people/businesses down - but IF the business meets all the BBB requirments, then why does the lender (absent evidence of fraud, for example) have any discretion to turn down borrowers? And surely banks and other lenders should be “mandated” by BBB to open accounts. At the end of the day, the goal is to ensure each and every business that meets the BBB criteria gets a loan

I agree - economy is fooked, best thing they can do is keep people and businesses opperational, it isn’t beneficial to anyone to see businesses fail & its government supported, its tax payer supported, yet some of us get denied for supporting a challenger bank as a sole trader… haven’t even been able to even get to the account opening stage with many as I’m not transferring from a business bank. Which is bs, thought the banking commission wanted to bring in new banks and support them? Only at face value it would seem.

Response to “will tide members actually see BBLS”
As mentioned by other very valuable members above, I think there is a chance of receiving this otherwise Tide wouldn’t have gone through accreditation.

There’s about 3Million people unable to get BBLS or any other government support as it stands. People have created #ForgottenLtd and ExlcudedUk campaigns. I say let’s all support these to urge the government to provide a NEW stimulus package for Businesses like ourselves.

If Tide were the only bank dragging their feet and taking the Micky out of people then yes we should all get angry and kick off about it but the truth is their not, every other bank is doing more or else the same delay tactics etc. To me this highlights faults/Failure with the whole Bounce Back Loan Scheme.

Why didn’t the government deliver this Loan as Grants or why not create a bad bank, these measures will give confidence to lenders.

Whatever the case may be the government must come up with a solution.

I’m sure nowaday Oliver is sleeping downstairs on the settee like the rest of us, stressed daily trying to borrow £100Mil.

If anyone feels particularly stressed about this you should seriously check twitter and voice your concerns to people like Rishi Sunak. Also make sure to sign the #ForgottenLtd Petition.

Most major newspapers are kind of ignoring us except for a few who got InTouch with me “not going to name them here” but we have some support.

What tide can do however is to check everyone and tell people who definitely aren’t getting BBLS so they can close their businesses or move on. This communication is vital, people need to know otherwise you will keep getting angry customers everywhere.

That’s it - as ever the problem is with the system, sadly this time we’re on the receiving end.

Shame we haven’t got £500k+ stashed away we could open a bank account with United trust bank and claim a interest free £10k lol

convinced there is a loophole that could be exploited for anyone with enough know how was such a rushed process can’t see how there won’t be cracks in it.

note those companies offering ‘guaranteed bbl applications’ for a 10% fee, possibly the angle they’re taking!?