Will tide survive this?


Will tide survive this PR and business disaster? Their arrogance is unbelievable, even after today’s announcement they appear to be almost blaming the government!

They climbed into the BBL arena knowing fine well what was expected and massively failed to deliver - I am inclined to think they deserve everything that’s coming towards them - and I suspect this will be the start of the end for them - who realistically is going to have any support for them after letting customers down on this scale?

The continued delay tactics were almost unbearable at times, excuse after excuse.

I for one am off to the land of Barclays - and most certainly won’t be back. Good luck to everyone - especially tide staff!


Hi @mattnewcastle100 ,

They genuinely could not care less. The have gotten what they wants from the BBL fiasco:
-Tens of thousands of new customers
-Those customers have no place to go at all
-Keep the replies and service terrible for all customers, and this then forces them to upgrade to the Tide Plus package.
-Generate lots of revenue this way.

It does not matter one iota to them at the moment that their customer service levels are exceptionally poor, Tide customers have nowhere else to go, they are stuck.

Tide makes money out of it. Superficially financially things look rosy for them and they hope this blows over in a few months and people forget.

Their CEO cannot even be bothered to reply to his customers, and their customer service in charge of the Tide community @Obi_at_Tide is unable to even get a call back within a 5 day window.