Will the last one out please turn off the lights



Creek, No paddle and brown smelly stuff, thats what were up now.


Mark share your frustration.


We can either get off our arses and write to our MP’s or we can throw in the towel without trying & sit around bitching.

Up shit creek Undoubtedly but there is still a possibility.

84000 businesses registered for a loan with tide…

Do you think your MP will take note of that large number ?

84,000 businesses cannot get a bbl they are entitled to from anywhere else & will close up shop and be on the dole if the government don’t get pressure from MP’s.

“ As reported in the press, the Government has been considering this for some time, and there are examples where the Government is directly providing funding for the Coronavirus Business Support (for example, for the Future Fund).“

Get writing mate Absolutely nowt to lose.



I’m not being funny but when the going get tough we pull our fingers out our arses and crack the f on

Please guys write to your mp’s

Clearly as seen above there is potential for movement !!!


Exactly, the Chancellor is giving a speech on the next phase tomorrow.
Hit them twitter pages @hmtreasury, @RishiSunak & let them know we are going to fight for our businesses and livelihoods.
Venting at Tide is just a waste of time.


I agree. We wont get anywhere moaning on here. Lets do something about it and put the pressure on the treasury and bank of england to help sort this out


If you want to join a new community i’ve just set up for every tide member affected by this please send your email address to matt@6cventures.co.uk and i’ll add you, several of us their already. Thanks


Emailed you mate cheers


Email sent

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