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So just out of interest tide I’d really like to no. When its time to have these loans paid back, are you going to be happy to accept the same lame reasoning you are giving us. Real lifes are being destroyed out here and all you can say is we are tring this and that, its totally unacceptable, what is stopping you from following the model other banks are using because they seem to be doing fine, and im sure they have just as much traffic. We need dates and times, so we can plan accordingly, what your doing is bs and unfair and you know it is, that’s why you dont have a proper answer. It will not surprise me if we find out tide gave out 0 loans. People that see out tasks don’t give excuses, unles they don’t tend on carrying out the task at hand.

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    Jun '20
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Thank you for sharing your thoughts on this, @Eddiegg

I know it’s been some time since our last update on the BBLS, but for the amounts of funding that we’re looking to secure, the agreements take a lot of time to finalise. We’re still working on this and will update you on our progress when we’re able.