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I understand more access has been promised in the ‘roadmap’ but this is a problem that needs fixing as soon as possible - how are businesses supposed to function if the person managing the account cannot even have full access? Does anyone have any tips on dealing with this on a day-to-day basis?

To be honest, if I had known that this would be a problem with tide I would never have signed up.

Is there any kind of time scale as to when this will be resolved?

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    Jul '20
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Thanks for sharing your feedback @IzzyCercula

So far we’ve found that most small and medium business owners take a more hands-on approach in managing their accounts, and so we’ve built the Tide app to support that.

It is absolutely an option we’re looking into, however, to allow members to grant full access to other individuals in their businesses, but we don’t have a specific timeframe for this feature to roll out at this stage.

Kind regards,

Thanks for replying Obi.

We are a small outfit of 4 people. We absolutely need two accesses so both admins can make payments and stay close to the numbers. I find it hard to believe this is an uncommon issue for SMEs but fair enough if that’s the case.

Such a shame because I really like the rest of the account features particularly the Xero integration and the receipt bank style expenses. But the lack of access is a deal breaker - I wish this had been made clearer when I was setting up the account.

That’s completely understandable @IzzyCercula

I hope we’ll be able to address that in the near future as well, the team is absolutely aware that this would, if nothing else, be a great convenience.