Why are you still advertising accounts will open same day?



Why are you still advertising on facebook that opening account is usually completed the same day (6 hours) sometimes longer on a weekend.

I’ve been waiting since last week now so over 3 days at the least. I can totally appreciate that there are people in this forum that have been waiting weeks, even months but you are still clearly advertising that they will be open same day. This is clearly not true and is clearly not a few people suffering from individual issues.


Hello @hamilc19, we have sophisticated systems in place, so most of our members can create an account within minutes. However, in certain cases, we need a little bit more information about the business, before we can activate the account. Could you please tell us your company name and we will gladly look into this for you? Thank you!


I was not asked for any additional information.

Just got told this morning that I have been rejected but no explanation as to why only the advisor go register the company myself then register with tide… you think I’d do that after the poor service and lack of communication I’ve already received and I’m not even a customer yet.

Company is to be called CannaLabs Ltd, can you advise why I was rejected?


I though it was just me and have been waiting since yesterday but no update. I need to company asap.


Hello there! I’ll reach out to the on-boarding team and ask them for further update. They are either going to contact you again or if they update me, I will come back to you again!

Thank you for your understanding!


Hello there! If you don’t mind sharing the name of your company, I could look into it further for you!