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Where are the moderators?

Not a single moderator has been on line in the last 20 hours.

Your customers are crying out for help and you are hiding away.

Why have people been declined BBL’S from other banks because they are on the Tide waiting list?

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    Jul '20
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    Oct '20
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No moderator on here since Friday.

I guess they are enjoying the nice warm weekend while customers of Tide are losing everything.

Yeah given the status of the shit show it probably wasn’t the weekend to give everyone off…

Not sure giving your support team the weekend off is really a good idea in the best of times, not for a company touting to want to help customers & challenge banks.

It certainly does make you wonder, these guys do seem somewhat out of their depth.

I really can’t see the government lending Tide money. Unless they use tide purely as a middle man admin in the chain. Unfortunately the tide has definitely gone out, even more highlighted by the fact no administration are working over the weekend on social media. Should have never been allowed the accreditation in the first place without a minimum of 500 - 700 million.

all comes down to if they want to save small SME’s or not…

It’s not really them lending tide either eh… tide act as middle man, help their customers & take a small % for the admin, as Oliver said, it’s government backed anyways.

Makes perfect sense to me & bottom line if they really dont want us to go unto the mother if all recessions / depressions, they can’t really afford to be fussy.

Imo government will realise in months to come they’ve done no where near enough even if this gets put in place.

Hello @Andyp1966,

All accredited lenders under the Bounce Back Loan Scheme are required to share information on the status of its customers with regards to the scheme, whether they’ve already borrowed or shown interest in the product. This helps prevent fraud and avoids duplication in processing loans to the small business community. When we provided our updates, we made it clear that the waitlist was for our members to register their interest and was not an application process.

I can confirm that you have not received a Bounce Back Loan with Tide and you will no longer receive any updates on our waitlist communications if we start lending again. Because our waitlist was not an application, you will be able to apply and receive a Bounce Back Loan elsewhere depending on your eligibility status with that provider. If they require further documentation from us then we can provide this. Please do feel free to contact us through he in-app chat for further assistance on the topic.

Hello @Cam,

Thank you for your support! If you’d like to help us campaign to get direct access to funding from the Government for Bounce Back Loans, please email your local MP. Please do feel free to contact us if you need any assistance.

That’s the spirit.

Let’s make this happen… anyone waiting get behind it…

There are so many reasons why Tide should be given support from the government to make this happen, not only they would be giving out way the wrong message to tech startups and fintech banks if they didn’t.

@Yani_at_Tide - perhaps Tide could put a n email template together for all its members to send to HMTreasury and our MP’s ?

Hello @Cam

We are working on a template and will make sure to share it with you as soon as we have it.

We will be in touch through e-mail to provide it.

Hi mate

I’ve done one myself as it is probably better with a personal spin and also can highlight thoughts Tide might not otherwise be able to for professional reasons…

Certainly helpful for many others tho I am sure.

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