What are Tide’s features?


Tide accounts come with no monthly fee and smart, time-saving tools, letting you focus less on admin and more on your business.

  • Full UK sort code and account number
  • Business Mastercard, with free purchases at home and abroad
  • Automatic categorisation of your transactions, for easy accounting
  • Integrations with major accounting softwares - learn more here
  • In-app card control - freeze, unfreeze and reorder cards, straight through the app
  • Up to 35 Team Cards per account
  • Instant invoice payment and creation
  • Up to £150,000 of credit, straight through the app

We’re in the process of building new features, such as IBANs and scheduled payments (aka standing orders).
To get early access to our new features when they launch, join Tide Preview here.

Tide FAQs