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Is there some valid reason as to why I keep getting the message “We’ve been unable to disconnect your account” when I’m trying to trouble shoot why no bank accounts are showing up on Xero. This ambiguous messages doesn’t really help me and I really do not have time to sort this mess out.

If I tell your service to do something, I expect it to do it, not to behave like some silly disobedient, ill-disciplined child.

Thanks for reaching out about this, @thecody1000

This will likely need our technical team to look into, what I’d recommend is that you write to the Member Support team in the in-app chat via the Support tab.

Describe the steps you’re taking to try and reconnect your accounts to Xero and they’ll be able to assist you further.


Thanks Obi

I’m currently in talks with Theodore over the in-app chat support, however, what would really helps is that if

  1. he stopped repeating himself with suggestions that don’t work - despite sending screenshots to him proving that his suggestions don’t work,
  2. he actually gave me an explanation as to why I keep getting the error message in the first place,
  3. he actually takes ownership of the issue, and acknowledges the provided screenshot with the error message clearly stating “We have been unable to disconnect your account”. By the way, I’ll take the liberty of showing you on here, and I have included nil option to disconnect from Xero through your Data Permissions page either;

What is the point of suggesting “try again later or contact us” when you customers are just going to get a load of waffle and delay tactics?

I’m going to kindly suggest to Tide’s support staff that they look at the way in which they handle issues, or do Tides customers a favour, resign and hand their jobs over to someone who actually knows what they’re doing.

Oh and please do not give me the standard "We will pass your feedback long" response because we all know on this community board that the same, appalling, idiotic service will be ever present with your in-app support chat.

I would never allow this kind of appalling service in my firm, and if those people worked in my firm, their careers would be very short-lived.

Tell me, just very quickly: considering that we are all business owners and that we don’t really factor time into our days to babysit grown-ups who we are supposed to call “our suppliers”, what is the normal “going rate” that your customers charge you for wasting their time?

Thank you for getting back to me @thecody1000

I do completely understand that this is a bit of an inconvenience. My colleague has already passed this along to the technical team who’ll be able to assist, or manually solve the issue with the connection from their end.

As soon as they have a more specific solution, they’ll let the Member Support team know, and they’ll in-turn reach out to you to sort this out.


That’s fine, but I’m having no more input into this. They solve it, then come back to me when it’s solved. Customers don’t go to Tide’s support team to have more problems created - we’re all business owners who do not have the time, the inclination nor do they have the patience.

It’s not the problem itself, its the way in which Tide handles this. I don’t want to hear from your colleagues about how you’re “snowed under” with enquiries about BBL’s because that’s not my problem, I’m not interested, don’t care. My company is a key worker, peoples BBL issues should not have to affect me or vice-versa.

Like I said, if this carries on, Tide will be paying for my time. Seeing as you deliberately evaded my last question about the going rate with which you pay your customers I will set my own price.