Web login doesn't work


Ever since signing up for Tide, I can’t log into the desktop website version. It doesn’t matter what browser I use, and I’ve tried a few different computers.

I scan the QR Code with the app, and it immediately gets replaced with the ‘Click to refresh QR code message’, so I know there’s something happening at the backend, but it’s just not re-loading the page into the desktop interface (which at this point I’ve never actually seen).

Does this work for anyone? It should be one of the main things to get right.


Thank you for letting us know about this @theronster

This does seem like a very particular issue and it isn’t quite like any I’ve seen reported thus far.

Could I ask you to confirm this in the Support tab as well, if you haven’t already? As much detail as possible would let the Member Support team bring this to the technical team so they can advise on a solution.