"We are performing some additional checks"




I had to reinstall my tide app yesterday. After getting through the steps I was informed I am locked out of my account until “additional checks” take place.

I need to make payments to my accountant and HMRC today to start winding down my company and am concerned we’re going to miss tight deadlines for the end of this week.

It annoying that reinstalling an app requires locking me out of my account. It is inexcusable that it has taken this long without providing any feedback on the reason for the delay or to the ticket I raised yesterday. I have also sent an email to hello@tide.co at 11:48am today.

Reading the delays others have experienced is concerning although most people seem to disappear (presumably because their issue is solved). It seems only fair that I feed back on how long it takes to successful resolve this, for others to get an idea of the typically length for a very, very simple issue.


Hello @Lee3

If you don’t mind confirming the name of your company, I could look into it for you?

Awaiting your reply!


Hi - I have responded via email (my gmail account) and on the ticket response as well to Alexander Gates.


Hi - I can confirm that I have been able to log in as of about 4pm, and I was able to transfer my funds today as required.

To recap for others with similar issues. My initial request was raised at 9pm Monday evening, I received a response very quickly after posting here within the community forum (and sending a mail) the next day around midday. I didn’t see a notification or update but logged in to check and realised I could now log in. It may have been activated before 4pm.

It has not been the best experience if I’m honest, however on a personal note I am grateful for your help in getting this resolved very quickly.

Thank you for your help, it is appreciated.