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Hi I have upgraded to premier but there is no one replying messages and the account manager never getting picking up the call

Wondering what it is the premium service fee covering for???

Can someone please reply the messages??? I have texted and called from yesterday and no one picks up message or calls!!!

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    Jun '20
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    Jun '20
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Hi Yujie, @yjpan

We can see that you were in touch with one of our representatives.

We will ask them to follow up further for more assistance on the matter.

Let me know if there is anything else I can help with.

oh so u have p[ay for customer service that makes sense cause there is none

well i mean, its not totally unreasonable. Premium members pay for priority support. For some businesses its worth it, for some its not. At the end of the day. Someones gotta pay the staff salaries.

All accounts do pay have u seen the charges we pay as well on each transaction. Having to wait over 4 days for a response from any customer service team is a disgrace if I waited that long to give a response to my customers I be out of business

Hi @asf2020,

We are sorry for any delays you have experienced when trying to reach us recently. As you know, since we got accredited, we have received a very high volume of messages which is why it’s taking us longer to reply than normal. Our members are our absolute priority and we have brought on additional staff to help respond to you as quickly as possible.


I’ve not been a basic member for a while but from what i remember isnt it like 20p per transfer and £1/2 per cash withdrawal?

It’s one of the lowest rates around! Any other high street bank would charge you the same if not more AND charge you an annual fee on top!

But yeah, i agree the response times are not great (I’m not particularly pleased as i’m paying for ‘priority’ - the fact is…if everyone didn’t keep messaging the same questions over and over again… They wouldn’t be experiencing the demand that they are! I’m guessing 80%/90% of the queries they’re receiving relate to when their going to be eligible for a BBL & Whilst they’ve provided a bit of a generic slap dash answer in their emails/blog posts - most people are going to get very little additional information by sending in a message!