Waiting List Farce Strikes Again


Appears a lot of us have today been declined by another lender because British Business Bank has our businesses recorded as having an application in progress or having been successful.

Given that Tide is the only other lender I have approached it is clear that this waiting list farce has not been resolved despite Tide’s assurances that it has been.

I am shaking with anger right now. Any comment Tide?


Tide should hang their head in shame. Not only leading us along a silly path for months but now actually preventing people from getting this help.


Hi there @DaveG

I’m really sorry to hear this has happened.

One of our Member Support agents has just reached out to you via the in-app chat to provide you with further assistance on the matter.

For further questions feel free to refer to the thread with the agent assisting you.



Hi @DaveG @Obi I have finally just had my feeder account application completed with HSBC and would like the letter we have been promised from yourselves so i can provide this to HSBC before i apply for my BBL. Can you advise please


Just a heads up for anyone who has applied elsewhere. If you have not requested the letter confirmation or been removed from the list, HSBC have just told me this would be detrimental to any other applications


@Johnspud77 How long did you have to wait for HSBC to setup your feeder account? Been waiting since 10th August.

Its annoying becuase I originally applied to HSBC in May then dropped out because i believed Tide was about to help…


Hi Mark. My original application was 6th July, after a month of checking progress online and still being at pre approval stage I rang them on 6th August was told application was paused as they had not completed it within their timeframes (unbelievably i wouldn’t have known without calling)


I then had to give my permission for credit checks etc and my account was finally accepted and opened Friday night.
I spoke to HSBC today regarding providing the letter from TIDE and was told if i am on a list this would be detrimental to the application.
I messaged TIDE who told me that when they provided me with the letter i am also removed from the waiting list.
Hopefully this is true and i have no further issues. Applied for BBL today but it can take 5 days for decision.
Never mind, i have waited since 11th May so a few more days is bearable.
I would advise you to call HSBC and chase for an update


Thanks Johnspud77.

Incredible. They didn’t complete it in time so they stopped!!

Thats like me saying to a client, “I started the job but it got to 5pm so I gave up. Do you want me to complete it?” Do all banks do a half arsed job? Would explain a lot!

I’ll give them a call and see where they’re at. It’ll have to be another day though, as I didn’t complete this task by 10.30am and now have to watch some paint dry.


I don’t know if its coincidence or if this had an effect, but yesterday I pre-emptively uploaded the ‘letter’ from tide and today i’ve moved onto the next stage of the HSBC feeder process.

If anybody else is waiting, get the letter from Tide and uploaded it. might speed things along.


Hi there, everyone.

I have been keeping up with the conversation here, even if I haven’t gotten directly involved.

I’d like to simply echo waht @markdicker has said above. If you did register your interest with us and did not receive a BBL from us, please reach out to the Member Support team via the app and ask for the confirmation.

We’ve done everything from our side that we can so as not to hinder our members’ ability to get one with other lenders, and we’d be happy to provide this kind of confirmation as well if it’s needed.



Hi Obi,

I have also requested same letter from Tide but have not yet received one. Please could you chase this up for me? Smartteck Ltd.


Hi there @monkamelvis

I’m glad to see that the team were able to provide you with this since you contacted us, don’t hesitate to get back to them if you need anything further.



Hi obi
Can you please remove me from the tide wait list please and can I have confirmation this has been done.



Hi there, @Cam

I can see that the team have responded to you in the app as well regarding your request.

If you need anything further, just let me or the team know through and we’ll help you out as best we can.



Any news Dave. I’ve been in this situ since MARCH!