"Vote for accounting software"


I’d heard that Tide integrates with FreeAgent, but when I set up my Tide account it only offered me Xero integration (which I don’t need) and then asked me to vote for what other accounting software I’d like to see the developers work to integrate.

I did a Google search for Freeagent and Tide, and it seems that it DOES already integrate. But you wouldn’t know it from the app, which even suggests that it DOESN’T already integrate.

While I’m glad that it does integrate, this is not a great first impression – it doesn’t fill me with confidence that Tide is on top of keeping the app up-to-date!


Thanks for your feedback @majikpaul! I’ve passed it on to our marketing team :slight_smile:

Although our Xero integration is available in the app our other integrations (FreeAgent, Sage, Kashflow & Rekon) are integrated through Tide on the web and the accountancy platform. It’s a good suggestion to have more information in the app though!

In terms of finding out our latest information, we will put updates of new product released on our blog, I’ve attached the post below relating to FreeAgent, but there are more posts there.