Verifying your detail




I have UK company for my small business but I am not a UK resident.

I tried to open tide account since last week and my application status is still verify your detail.

Can someone help me?

I am totally lost to contact support because I can’t contact to support page from my application.

Thank you,


Hi there @suppsh,

We’re really sorry to hear this has happened.

Could you please confirm your company name so we can further look into this for you?

Thank you in advance.


My Company name is Shared Webs Ltd under registration number 12654587



I am waiting for your reply


Hi there @suppsh

Thank you for getting back to us here!

I can see that the Onboarding Team have been in touch by email as well with some additional questions to finalize your application. Please have a look and get back to them when you’re able, so they can get your application back on track!