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Having worked in a very large media company - I had to feed our Head of Community information - on what they could and couldn’t say. I’m sure she’s in the same boat - her hands are tied on what she can say, hence the generic responses we get. If she probably spoke her mind - she’d get fired by divulging business-sensitive information - and I’m not even sure she’s aware of all what is going on behind the CEOs door.

Let’s take it easy on Valentine - it’s not her fault we are waiting on the powers that be to make the funds available.

What I see is Valentine working bloody long hours (she was responding to the community at 2 am the other morning - during the outage) and doing her best to keep us all informed. She can only provide information which is given to her.

She’s a human being after all - so please can we treat her with dignity and respect. Would you like it if your loved one was faced with grief every day? I’m sure it’s spilling into her personal life, which is not a good thing, when all she is doing is her job.

My business is on the brink of collapse and I have a newborn to feed - I can’t get to see my family back in the UK as I’m stuck in Italy, and to top it all off I can’t get to my best mate’s dads funeral who sadly passed due to covid - but no matter how bad things are/get, I’ll treat people with human dignity and respect.

So please can we just go easy on Valentine and the people on the ground at Tide, after all it’s not their fault we’re in this situation.

I’ve just fallen off my soap-box now so I’m off for a cuppa tea (probably a biscuit too :slight_smile:)

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No offense to Valentine after all. I hope she understands that all the frustration directed at her is actually aimed at the company management. I honestly feel bad for her for the fact that she has to face the community and face the aftermath of the messages/decisions made by Oliver Prill and other board members.

@Valentine_at_Tide Thank you for trying your hardest to keep us informed. I’ve seen people on here refer to you using derogatory terms like “honey” which is honestly just condescending and disgusting. I’m sure all of the members on here appreciate that at least you are reading all our frustrated messages.

Hope things get sorted for you, love your optimism mate… there’s nowt more British than going through a life changing crisis and getting a brew on the go :laughing:

Good luck mate.

I wish the same for you too Cam.

Aye - and it was a cracking brew too. I feel all the better for it.

Hi all,

Thank you so much for your kind words. It does really mean a lot. I know I have said this to a few of you but, having business owners in my family and close friends, I do understand how stressful this time is.

The passion I have for SMEs is shared by my colleagues who, for many of them, had their own small business before joining Tide or have friends and family members that are business owners. We exist to support this community and will continue doing so.

I’d like to thank you again for your patience, I know it’s not an easy time.


By Hi Valentine.

I’m sure most of us on here appreciate that your just like us and feel peoples great need.

I love Tide. Since joining with them I have had nothing but help and understanding from the company.

I’m extremely supportive of Tide and I’m waiting patiently but that’s extremely difficult when we are not being told when we can get help or even if we can at all.

For all I know Im sat here waiting for Tide to help and they may say no when my time comes.

It really is simple for a lot of us on here. If we don’t get the much needed help then our business will go bust and fold.

It’s a horrible situation for all of us to be in and I sympathise with the hard job your doing and I know you are trying your best.

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