Urgently need IBAN and SWIFT number


I am trying to receive international payments and urgently need IBAN and SWIFT number.

The customer service told me it takes 6-8 weeks to get IBAN number and they also didn’t provide SWIFT which is standard procedure.

Do you have any idea where to get these information?


Hi @KevinM,

Thanks for reaching out to the Community team!

We do not issue Tide Members with IBANs and SWIFT by default however there is a preview program you can apply for.

This does usually take 6-8 weeks for the process to be completed.

Please either let myself or an agent from the Member Support team know that you want to apply and we would be happy to place you on our list.

I hope this helps.



Thanks. I have already asked your support. That means I can’t receive payments for 6-8 weeks especially in this peak time of the year. TO be honest, I am not exactly impressed.