URGENT: Where is my payment?!



I am closing a deal and was expecting a large amount of money via CHAPS transfer today - the transfer was made yesterday at like 15:10… it still isn’t in my account… I am being chased by lawyers and the other party… no one from support is replying… this is causing huge anxiety. Can someone please help!! =(


Hi @Elina,

I know you’re in touch with our Member Support team via the in-app chat and that they’re further assisting you with this.

For future reference, please note that CHAPS payments received into our system before 3pm will be processed on the same working day between 4:10pm and 7:10pm. Any payments made/received after this time will be processed on the next working day from 4:10pm.

Don’t hesitate to let the team know if there’s anything else they can help with.



Hi Valentine,

Thanks for your message. I am aware of the timings for CHAPS transfers… but the payment was made on Monday at 15:10 and didn’t arrive in the Tuesday CHAPS window between 16:10-19:10… it is now Wednesday at 14:15 and the payment is still not in my account, and once again support has gone quiet for 3 hours.

I still have not been properly updated on the status of this inbound payment, why it is being held up, and when it will be released…



Adding to this point. What is going on at Tide? How many peoples payments are you holding and how long will the resolution take?


Hi Elina,

I have spoken to our Member Support team and I know they’re assisting you with this via the in-app chat.

Please rest assured that they’ll keep on updating you until this is resolved.



Elina, you’re not the only one. Same timescale for mine. Really mealy-mouthed generic messaging from Tide sent to me through the App.


Valentine. “We have your money because there’s a problem” is not an update. It is very worrying that this is not one problem. Why reach out at all if there’s no action plan to resolve.


Hi Valentine, we have NOT been receiving regular updates from your Member Support team and have absolutely NO clarity on what you are doing to resolve this issue. I cannot “rest assured” when it is now day 3 and our money is still missing. It is almost 6pm now and I am very concerned your support team will just leave shortly, like last night. This is incredibly unprofessional and we will soon have to seek legal counsel.


It would be an interesting exercise to see how many users got these late in the day ‘Send and run out of the building’ messages from the support team. It’s endemic and clearly an agreed and structured way to deal with their customers. I’ve never known anything like it.


I totally agree Swoonigan! @Valentine_at_Tide, if our issue is not resolved today, we will make sure #tidewhereismymoney becomes popular on social media. It sounds like there are many customers that are experiencing the same issue now and potential customers will most definitely want to know about this!


Hi @Swoonigan and @Elina,

We can confirm that the issue our third party provider experienced was resolved earlier this evening.

I understand that our COO and Member Support team have reached out to you both on the phone and the in-app chat to apologise and give you a full explanation of the situation.

I completely understand that this situation must have been stressful and might have caused your business inconvenience.
Rest assured that the team was working hard to fix this as quickly as possible with our provider.

If you’d like to give us further feedback, please don’t hesitate to get back to our Member Support team or request a call back.

Once again, I’d like to apologise for the stress and inconvenience this situation must have caused.


Missing CHAPS Payment

Just to close the loop on this, the payment did finally arrive this evening and we did receive an apologetic call from the COO (thank you for eventually providing this support). We are still disappointed with the lack of appropriate communication we experienced over the last 2 days whilst your “third party provider was experiencing issues” - we were astonished not to get a call sooner, given the magnitude and urgency of the issue. However, we are expecting another payment tomorrow and will be sure to update this thread fairly to reflect the latest status of the service.


Final payment went through pretty smoothly on Thursday, thanks to the Tide team for keeping us updated and ensuring it went through smoothly.


I am also missing a payment from my client, which should have reached my EUR account over a month ago.
How do I speak to them on the telephone? I can’t continue to wait to receive slow and generic responses from support.
Can you @Elina hare the phone number they provided?


Hi @edifylondon, my apologies for the delayed response. I can see that you have been speaking to my colleague Darcy in Member Support. Has this issue been resolved? Please let us know if you need us to follow up and assist in any way.
Thanks, Ali


A faster payment was made to me this morning which was about 5 hours ago. I have sent an email and an in app message but have had no response. I have several payments scheduled for today and I’ve been left in the dark as to where my money is. Three hours later after sending email to tide and nothing, no response from tide. As a business account tide should understand the impacts this has on running a business.


Hi @Zee5, I can see that my colleague Emily from our Member Support team has been in touch. If you could please respond to her request, we will look to get this resolved for you as quickly as possible.
Thanks, Ali


Hi there, a CHAPS payment was made to me on wendesday 1pm and I still haven’t received it. I have contacted your in app support and no reply for 12hours.
Can you locate the Money please?


Hi @Julia122, apologies for the delayed response. Please be assured it’s never possible for your money to be lost. Our Member Support team strive to deliver fast, effective solutions and we apologise this was not the case for you. I can see that a number of agents have been in touch with you regarding this. Please feel free to get back in contact with them as soon as you can so we can resolve this for you.