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I have been trying to make a simple payment to another account since Friday for a property purchase for my son and daughter-in-law and have had no response. I have messaged numerous times today via the app and sent emails - why are TIDE taking so long to reply and process a simple URGENT payment. I was meant to be exchanging and completing the purchase tomorrow but now cant happen as NO ONE is responding…sort it out!

Thank you for reaching out about this, @Bhavesh

Thank you for letting us know about this - I can see that the team have been in touch earlier today to request some more details about the payment that you’re looking to make.

Please check your messages from us in the app and get back to the team when you’re able, they’ll get back to you as soon as they possibly can.


Hello @Obi_at_Tide

Thanks but im having the same trouble today…a payment im trying to make again to an account has been blocked and after numerous messages to tide.co. and via the app i still havent had a response. Is this what happens everytime i try to make a payment that should go same day but have to wait few days for it to process. Its for a house completion…please can someone get in contact ASAP

Can anyone call me or message back on the app in regards to the payment im trying to make, i need to send the funds to my son and daughter in law so they can exchange contracts for the house in time for tomorrow. They need the cleared funds in their account so they can provide proof and bank statement…it was delayed the first time when the payment wasnt sent. this is urgent so please contact me

Thank you for following up on this @Bhavesh

I’ve just checked in with the team so they can address this for you as soon as possible today - they should be getting in touch with you shortly.


Thank you @Obi_at_Tide, once this payment is made it then needs to reach the solicitor from my sons account before close of business today which means he needs to arrange a same day chaps before 3pm. Please can someone contact us this morning so further payment and signing of contract is not delayed.

Of course, I’ve just let the team know to have a look into the responses you’ve sent.

@Obi_at_Tide still no response from anyone via app or phone, how can this priortised and escalated? Surely it cant take this amount of time everytime a urgent payment is required…its becoming annoying now

I’m glad to see that the team have been in touch about this.

We do need to get a better understanding of some payments from time to time, but we do try to give them their due priority when they’re urgent.