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I tried to make an URGENT payment to complete on a property purchase this morning which must be sent today as its an Auction property - failure to do so would mean I risk losing my 10% deposit on the value of the property which has been paid!

Hours have gone by with no response or customer service, all my home deposit money is trapped in this account and I’m agonisingly already worried as a new customer!! Please help or advise, anyone?!

Good luck with that - Tide appear to be less than useless at the moment !

This is depressing. I was sceptical about using a bank with no readily available customer service but didn’t want to be judgemental before giving them a chance. Now my open mindedness could lose me thousands - literally.

Hi there @Pritenpatel14

Thank you for reaching out about this, and for being patient with us.

Occasionally, we do perform checks on outbound payments for a few different reasons. Mainly, this is driven by automated systems that help us better understand what to expect from our members’ businesses, as well as to fulfill our obligations as an FCA-regulated financial service provider.

I’ve made sure that the team are aware of your situation so they can perform their checks and reach out as soon as they possibly can.


Hi Obi, thanks for responding, its slightly more comforting having had a response from an actual person after hours of stressing.

Im still quite worried as there aren’t many hours left today anymore for my payment to go through but i’ll keep my fingers crossed and keep checking the app for any message notifications.

I’ll keep the community updated, thanks again.

Hi All,

Just to update that I have been contacted by Tide and had this payment authorised - phew. I would like to point out though despite the fact I had emailed and messaged them via the app and had no response for hours, it was only after raising in the community and having Obi step in to help, did I actually receive any.

Had I not had a response here I’m not sure what I could have possibly done, so although its worked out this time, its still nerve racking knowing there are no direct customer services when you need them.

Nevertheless, thanks again Obi.

Kind Regards,


I’m glad that we were able to help out here @Pritenpatel14

We’re all hands on deck at the moment and we try to keep an eye on all of our channels to make sure that when there’s something urgent, we can address it accordingly.