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So, I tried to make a payment to a supplier on Saturday morning. which Tide blocked “for security” and said I would receive a message in the app within 24 hours. I waited a few hours (granted not 24 but I need to pay the supplier) and messaged Tide from within the app later on Saturday, as I had not received anything from them.
Sunday afternoon comes around and still nothing from them. And bear in mind that I pay for the Plus account which is meant to give priority 24/7 priority message support and a phone number. So I decided to phone them, but the phone lines are only open Monday - Friday. It doesn’t state this anywhere when agreeing to pay a monthly fee or in the FAQs! Unable to contact via phone, I send another message.
Monday morning comes around, still nothing!
I phone them and all operators are on other calls but an automated response says that if you send a message from within the app the next available operator will call you back. So at 09:52 I send a message requesting a call back and giving my mobile number. It is now 11:33 and I have not had a callback, has not a single advisor got off a call in an hour and 40 minutes?! Have tried calling a couple more times but all operators are still on other calls apparently.
And still no response to my messages either!
What on earth is the point of paying for the Plus account, when the first time you really need the priority support, the support received (or not, as in this case!) is worse than with the free account?!

Hi @followasheep,

This is pretty standard for Tide nowadays.

Expect to wait between 48-72 hours for a response. By response, I mean just that, a response. A solution will be longer in coming.

They will be very apologetic and explain about unprecedented demand etc. How they are bringing on more customer service support teams etc.

They brought it on themselves. Keeping applications open for BBL despite not being able to deliver any significant volume, and still taking on new customers.

Hang in there, you might get a solution this month.

Thanks @richardv9

This is so encouraging to hear!!!

Funny how they’re able to get their systems in place to take the collect the fee for their Plus membership from you immediately (which is a waste of money as the enhanced customer service is non-existent) but they can’t get the systems in place to enable them to offer customer support!


I applied for a business account on the 23rd June and received the standard reply ‘Due to increase in demand…your application could take up to 72 hours’. Well I am still waiting to hear from them as the timescale they set has passed.

This is not what I would expect regarding customer service and is quite worrying.



@rstreet Doesn’t fill you with confidence, does it?

Annoyingly, when I opened my Tide account I was torn between Tide and the one named after a bird and ahs a TV commercial with a flying shed. I, obviously, opted for Tide and a friend of mine opted for the other one for his business at about the same time. His acc was opened more quickly than mine and I’ve just spoken to him and he told me that he had to phone them this morning and got through in about 4 mins (I’d happily sit on hold for 4 mins but we can’t even do that with Tide, they just fob you off and boot you off!) and had his questions answered there and then. He has their free account and I pay £10/month for Plus yet he receives a far superior service! Food for thought…


If I do not hear anything by close of the day tomorrow, I will be posting on Twitter, Facebook and any other platform to express my views.

I have just seen a post by someone who cannot get a response from anyone at TIDE and they sound desperate!

It simply is not good enough especially when they advise of timeframes taking into account the disruption with Covid-19, and they do not adhere to them.

@rstreet Good idea, I think I’ll have to do something similar if I don’t hear from them soon.

They won’t authorise a payment to a supplier and then make no contact with me so they can check the payment and release it.

So I now have a not-too-happy supplier who was expecting my payment over the weekend, no funds to pay him with from elsewhere, and I’ll soon have unhappy/no customers when I’m out of stock because the supplier, understandably, won’t release my stock until he’s been paid.

I agree, it’s not good enough. I know COVID has affected operations for a lot of businesses but most (especially those like Tide where their operation is computer-based so it can’t be too difficult for them to set their staff up to work from home) have got satisfactory systems in place by now and while it might take them a little longer to answer the phone or respond to a chat/email, at least they don’t boot you off their phone system and just not bother responding to chat/email!

It says a lot, in a negative way, that they must have so many customers contacting them with problems that it renders them too busy to be able to respond to their “priority” (Plus) customers or, as you say, to be able to adhere to their already extended timeframes!

What’s really frustrating is that I messaged them 5 days ago about something far less urgent and they got back to me within 24 hours and apologised for the delay! It’s not perfect but I’d be happy if they got back to me this time within 24 hours. What could have changed so much in 5 days?!