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I am writing this message in the hope that SOMEONE finally responds back to me with something other than ‘we are looking into this’.

I applied for and received a Bounce Back Loan with HSBC Bank. As soon as the money came into my account, my account was put on hold and i was sent 5 ‘security’ questions to answer, which i did straightaway.

You then wanted to see a copy of my loan agreement with HSBC, and although I found this a strange request as my loan agreement with HSBC is confidential between myself and them, I sent you this.

You then asked to see statements of my HSBC account showing the money being moved from that account to my Tide account. I explained that I do not have a bank account with HSBC and that they had created me a temporary ‘feeder’ account in order to facilitate my loan.

Despite this, I went into a branch of HSBC explained what was happening and the VERY helpful people there typed me a personal letter confirming my loan with them and gave my copies of statements of the account - which I sent to you.

My business has now been without funds for over 10 days. I have not been able to pay 2 rent installments, wages, raw material suppliers or post any orders out to my customers.

I have sent continuous messages via the app and I either get completely ignored or simply told ‘we are looking into it’.

I raised an official complaint and then received a response back saying that the money had been recalled and was being sent back to the account from which it came. We have spoken to HSBC who have confirmed that they have NOT recalled our money. Nobody is answering my messages where I am asking WHO has recalled the money and WHY.

I have made calls to the Tide ‘Customer Support’ Team, who simply tell me it is being looked into. When I ask to speak to someone else who can actually HELP me, all i am told is to send a message requesting that somebody calls me back - I have done this FIVE TIMES at least and have not received a single call back.

I have requested a final response to my complaint to that I can take this to the ombudsman - but I will hazard a guess and say that this is going to take you weeks to do as you know that as soon as you issue that final response then I CAN take it to the ombudsman.

I have never in my 30 years of owning and running businesses experienced anything like this before.

It is nothing short of theft! You are holding onto MY BUSINESS’ MONEY without a full explanation as to why you are doing this. And not ONLY are you doing this, but you are RUINING MY BUSINESS in the process.

I will not stop until I get answers on this… even if it means taking this to the media.

Alan Poole

Hello Alan!

I can see that the team updated your ticket just now. You are welcome to refer to it. I wish I could provide you with more information, however, that team should update you further. However, I have chased them up!

You are correct! They did update the ticket! Guess what with? “We are working to resolve it”. The same response that I have had for TEN DAYS! This is an absolutely disgusting way to treat a customer, and from what I can see on these community boards, I am not alone. You cannot just leave a business without funds for TEN DAYS!!!

I completely understand your concern, Alan! I will continue chasing up the team!

Another day has passed and still no resolution and no access to my business’ money. Another day of not being able to trade. Another day of not being able to pay my rent. Another day of not being able to pay my suppliers. I am losing business by the hour. Do you, as a bank, honestly believe that this is an acceptable thing to do to a business?

…and I’ve just received a notification that my payment for online advertising didn’t go through, because the payment bounced! So, I am now not advertising either! Anything more that you want to do to ruin my business?

Ffs what is wrong with these people I’ve got my bbl from hsbc feeder account due on the 6th August. Hope I don’t get the same.
Unbelievable. Keep us hanging for months knowing they had no money to lend. tell us to go elsewhere. People then get declined because tide has put everyone in as an application. Then you can’t get your bbl paid in from a feeder account.
Jesus christ hope every one leaves these people ASAP.
Worse than the cowboy builders I have to deal with.
Matt alright next for these

Hello @alan381! I can see that the matter was resolved yesterday and your ticket was updated. Apologies for any inconveniences this might have caused! If you have any further questions, do not hesitate to reply back to the team!

My account is blocked as well. Can some one look into this urgently please ?

3 months later

I am having exactly the same problem as above. I had a payment 4 days ago blocked with a message about additional security checks and that someone would in touch on the app within 24 hours. No one has been in touch despite me sending multiple messages and an email. I had two more payments blocked yesterday and today. Still no contact. I’ve requested my account closed and funds transferred to another account but still no response. I’m a startup and unable to pay my bills. This is appalling. You offer no phone number and you are not communicating to me. I shall be calling the FCA today to complain about Tide