URGENT I can't access my account, it has been 5 months now!


It has been 5 months that you are checking my ID. I can’t log in to the tide app. I have money in the account that I can’t access as well as bank statements. I need them to file my taxes. I sent you my ID, 5 times. If you are unable to deal with the situation please return my money back and give me my bank statements as a record.


Hello Ayca,

Thank you so much for drawing this to our attention.

I understand your frustration and would love to help you further! Rest assured, our checks have been completed, however, as part of the manual process, there are a few things that our backend team has to process in order to finalise the request.

I have e-mailed you on the existing thread that you have with more information. We will actively monitor your case and you may rest assured that as soon as an outcome is received, you will be notified as soon as possible.

Thank you once again!

Best wishes,



You didn’t give me any information on the email just said “someone will contact you to give me more information”. Is this how you help people and resolve their issues? Just emailing them that someone will contact you? If you completed the checks why can’t you give me my statements, I have to do my tax returns, I need them! Your bank and customer service is very disturbing! You are withholding my money and statements from me.


Hi Ayca,

Unfortunately, due to security reasons and regulations, I am unable to discuss any account details here. However, I can confirm that you’ll not be able to access your account until the final steps of the procedure are completed.

I am constantly chasing this for you and I’m doing my best to assist to the best of my abilities. I appreciate you chasing this and I’m hopeful that everything will be resolved as soon as possible for your convenience.

Thank you for your understanding and if you have any further questions, please don’t hesitate to reply to our e-mail messages.




Why don’t you discuss my issues with me via email then? Instead of saying that “someone will contact to help” You are not even telling me how long do I have to wait? It has been 5 months. You literally left me in darkness and there is no information and no help! You need to let me know long do I have to wait for this issue to resolve? I don’t want to use your bank anymore, just return my money and send me my statements!


We’re sorry this took longer than you anticipated, Ayca. We’re glad to confirm, however, that everything has now been sorted.

If you have any questions in regards to your account, please don’t hesitate to reach out to our team at hello@tide.co or via the in-app chat. We’re always here to help!

Best wishes,


aycaD - Have you got your money yet?

Same thing happened to me in January and i am still waiting for my money to be returned over 3 months now.

i have already written to Tide so many times by email almost everyday but just ignore and dont reply.

Also sent letters to the complains department, even to the company director Oliver Prill but no one replied.

Even i have a case going with financial ombudsman authority and Action fraud team at the met police but but due to corona virus is taking longer for them to take action.

Tide is terrible, very very bad people, very ignorant but i wont let it go. the police are already aware with the action fraud team.

update please.