Urgent help needed to access my account


I had to reset my phone and now cant access my accounts. I have sent messages and emails asking for help and for someone to phone me. with no luck. I cant pay wages or suppliers and is now affecting my business.
I need someone to contact me today or taking this matter further as this has been nearly a week now.


Thanks for letting us know about this @Mbmhealthcare

I’ll be looking into this right now so we can get your access restored as soon as possible.



Obi I hope you can help as I have been asking for someone to phone me and help me through this. Sent numerous emails and all I get is we are having a high demand of calls. Why wont someone just call me and talk me through this. My emails get replied to by saying they are closing this thread, reply to original, that is no help at all. If someone can read my mail why cant they just phone me with help instead of useless information.


Thank you again for taking the time for our call @Mbmhealthcare

I’m glad we were able to sort out your access issues, if you need any kind of assistance, don’t hesitate to let me know.



Most appreciated Obi, thanks again


Hi obi ive been messaging now for a week and not getting any help whatsoever ive been with you over 6 months all i want is access to my online banking
Really appreciaye any help or advice you could give me


Hello @Fiver1967,

Thank you for reaching out.

We have located the case and contacted you via e-mail. Our support team requested some details from you, please refer to their thread.



I boris thankyou it is now up and running
They never requested any details of me
But thans again brian



Happy to hear this, Brian!

Let us know if anything else comes up!