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Dear Tide Customer Services

I have tried to contact you multiple times via your app and also paid for the PLUS membership in order to get access to your phone number.

I have resorted to signing up to this community forum to see if I can get any response to my query. I need confirmation that my upcoming transfer of money for completion of property purchase will not be held by your automated security checks. I need to pay the monies today or risk losing this contract. I can provide you with the details of the solicitors client account number and sort code (which we have already paid into previously) to confirm.

I would be grateful for a rapid response today if possible.

Many thanks

Hi @SCHAN, I’m sorry for any delays you’ve experienced. I’ve spoken to the team and asked them to address this query for you as a matter of urgency - I’ve stressed that your deadline is today. Thank you for raising this with us.

Great thank you!!! I’m relieved that someone is still around for your company.

Previously our large exchange deposit payment to the solicitors was held by your security, so I don’t want that to happen again for this completion payment. Hence why I am trying to pre-empt that by providing all the solicitors details including the invoice stating how much is required to allow that money to be released. I still have not had any contact by your team, either by telephone or email. Your phone line is now closed, so I’m hoping to receive a reply by the in-app chat as that is supposed to be 24/7.

I will not send the payment until I get reassurance that it won’t get held, as that is likely to delay things even further and I’ll miss my completion deadline and be liable to lose the contract.


Please can you contact your colleague again. I received a message from Boris, he asked some questions, but is now no longer replying since 18:18. Really unprofessional behaviour… I really need this sorted today please.

Many thanks


Thanks for getting back to us on this, @SCHAN

We’ve seen to it that the team have responded to your queries in the app, please get back to them if you have any other questions, they’ll get back to you as soon as they’re able.