URGENT! Closing dormant Sole-Trader account & set-up new registered company account


For @Ali-C_at_Tide

Ali - I am trying to email you but seem to be getting errors with mail not being delivered.

I need urgent help with closing my Sole-Trader account as you advised earlier this week.

Copy of my previous email …

|### Nick Carus <nickcarus@gmail.com>|Wed, 29 May, 10:26 (2 days ago)||![]
Hi Ali … thanks for your quick response.

The problem I have is that I cannot login to the TIDE app as it does not recognise my login details as an active customer. I’m guessing it’s because the sole-trader account is suspended? So how can I engage the Member Support team directly?

I would appreciate it if you could get one of the team to contact me directly on this urgent matter … it’s really critical we have the account set up this week.

Many thanks
Nick Carus


Hi @ncarus, thanks for reaching out. I can see that my colleague Joe has been in touch via email and will assist you with manual on-boarding. Please continue to respond via the in-app chat and our on-boarding team will do everything they can to help.
Thank you, Ali