Urgent app not working



My banking app has just stopped working after months of using it, i have contacted your chat function 3 times, ive sent 2 emails and no one is getting back to me.
I am unable to action payroll due to this. I have staff waiting for the wages and no support from tide what so ever. Please can someone reach out to me as a matter of urgancy.


I’m also having massive issues with the app at the moment, I can’t get in contact with anyone! It’s infuriating


Thank you for reaching out about this @Kirk

I’m glad to see that the team were in touch with you about this - I’ll have a look into this and update you on the recovery as soon as I possibly can.

I can see tha tone of our colleagues in Member Support has replied to your message earlier this week, but we haven’t gotten anything back from you. Can you let me know a bit more so I can have a look?