Upgrade of app


I upgraded the App on Friday - and since then have not had access to my account - I have raised a message through the ‘contact us’ section that is presenting itself on the app as well as a direct email requesting urgent help. I have not had access to my account since Friday and no one has contacted me, I cannot pay my bills or salary’s. Tide has really gone downhill!!! it is completely unacceptable to not have Tide contact be for 3 business days - formal complaint to FCA here we come


Thank you for reaching out @SDTR15

I’m sorry to hear that you’ve had such an unpleasant experience. I don’t think we’ve encountered any issue that would cause this from upgrading your account before, I assume this is what’s given the team some pause.

Regardless, I would recommend that now and in any situation where you cannot access the account itself, that you go through account recovery.

You can start this simply by reinstalling the app to make sure that it’s fully up to date and reset, and selecting ‘I already have an account’ at the bottom when you first boot it up.

Once you follow the steps shown in the app, you’ll be able to regain your access.