Updates at all?


Guys are we ever going to get an update on your position in regards to BBLS as it currently stands? It’s like you’ve completely deserted all your customers and can’t be bothered to update us anymore. Also please refrain from copying and pasting the same identical responses about having talks with the Treasury is wearing thin on every single person that reads it and it’s just making your customer base more and more angry.


Hello @Pedz! I’m afraid that at this moment, we do not have any further updates or information. We can only assure you that the dedicated team that handles BBL is still working on it, even if the lending was paused.

But assured that if an update is available, it should be made public all over our social media pages and on our blog.



Government are off on their jollies mate, might see some movement when they’re back on the 6th September.

Then again, might get brushed to the side and remain as collateral damage.

Enjoy the sunshine & get back to it in September is my plan.