Update on Tide Bounce Back Loans


So your answer is best luck going a new bank… Are you kidding me not even about bbloan the customer service has been shocking.


Do any of the moderators on this site care to comment on my post above??


Still no reply.


Sorry to keep you waiting @Andyp1966

In all of our updates and posts regarding the BBLS we have always tried to stress that we could not provide guarantees as to when we would be able to lend, or that we were certain to receive the funding we needed.

As optimistic as we were about securing funding in the traidtional sense, unfortunately we weren’t able to do this.

We will own up to the unrealistic timeline that we provided for the waiting list tracker. If and when we’re able to secure additional funding directly from the Government, we will launch it as well, when we’re able to continue lending.



Hi Obi.

That’s the same kind of answer Tide has been giving for months. It’s a simple copy and paste answer that’s on every thread.

I asked where is the proof that Tide have been doing exactly what they say they have?

We customers are finding it very difficult to believe anything from Tide.

Where is the proof ?


No tide said you wouldn’t be able to lend to everybody. You’ve lent to nobody. Why get accredited if you could not lend. I’ve withdrawn all funds to a personal account not great but tide worries me


Thank you both for getting back to me here.

I appreciate how disclosing our discussions with our potential investors and HM Treasury will instantly dispel any doubts, but those are not communications that we can make public, unfortunately.

I understand that our inability to support you through the BBLS thus far has cast doubt on our intentions, but I can assure that we did not stand to gain by misleading existing members and potential new members. It’s unfortunate that the predictions of the more skeptical have proven to be accurate.

Again, we haven’t given up on this, we’ll continue doing what we can to find a way forward.