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On Monday 24th June 2019, global network providers Cloudflare and Amazon Web Services experienced outages which prevented Tide members from logging in to their Tide account and new members from creating an account. This was resolved after approximately 3 hours, as the providers identified, investigated and fixed the issue.

What was affected?

Members were unable to log in to their Tide accounts via the app and therefore Desktop log in was also inaccessible.

What was the timeframe?

We first started to see login issues occurring around 11:30am yesterday. Services were fully restored to normal by 2:30pm.

What was the issue or root cause?

Two major service providers experienced technical issues, leading to disruption and outages for some of the biggest service providers and websites on the internet, including Gmail, Amazon Alexa, Reddit, Snapchat, Sony Playstation Network and others.

The providers involved were

  • Amazon Web Services (AWS), which supplies network and server infrastructure to Tide as well as over a million other companies.
  • Cloudflare, which is one of the biggest networks operating on the Internet. Thousands of companies, including Tide, use Cloudflare services to increase the security and performance of their services.

At this time, it’s believed the root cause of those problems was due to an issue further upstream, originating with telecommunications company, Verizon.

What was our response?

After receiving reports of our members having difficulty accessing the Tide app, our Tech team began looking into the cause of the problem as our top priority. We acknowledged the outage and notified our members via social media posts and here on the community forum. We identified that the issue was occurring due to a third party provider and unfortunately we were not able to resolve the problem ourselves, but we ensured that the situation was monitored for a resolution. Once the problem was resolved and services started returning to normal we notified our members via the in-app chat, social media and here on the community.

Are we putting anything in place to reduce the chances of this sort of similar problem recurring?

This issue was a very rare occurrence and had a worldwide impact. We are always looking to implement back-up solutions where possible to reduce the impact of such third-party outages.

Thank you

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank our members for their continued support and patience. We appreciate our members putting their trust in us and we will continue to build a community which supports and advocates our amazing SMEs.

If you would like to share further feedback or have any questions, please get in touch with the team via the in-app chat or [email protected].