Update from our COO regarding Typeform


Dear members,

You may have heard in the news that Typeform, a third party online form filling company, recently suffered a data breach.

We’ve been using Typeform to help gather feedback from our members on new products and features, with almost all of this data being completely anonymous.

After an extensive investigation, we can confirm that just 5 members have been affected, with the breach being limited to their first and last names. We’ve already contacted those members, so if you didn’t get an email from us, all is well.

Your financial data is safe

We don’t store any transaction data with Typeform so passwords and payment details are still secure.

What we’re changing

Nothing means more to us than your security, which is why we’ve decided to end our relationship with Typeform. We have already deleted any remaining data from their servers and will be working over the coming weeks to implement a new secure solution.

We’re really sorry

News like this is never welcome, and we’re really sorry that this has happened to some of our members. We take full responsibility for this breach and we are actively working on ensuring a better solution in the future for how we survey our members. If you have any questions, we’re here for you.

Laurence Krieger
COO - Tide