Unacceptable service


I made a faster payment from my UK bank account into Tide account . I did not receive it since it is more than 3 hours . I checked with customer service just to be informed there is a maintaince work which was not informed hence it will take 30 minutes to get the credit. I waited for somemore time and still no credit.

I spoke with one more advisor who said ther eis a outage with some finance patners and no maintaince. He informed it will be credited by end of day which i wasnt sure what is the time.
I alos receive a usual sorry although this has happened multiple time. I do not understand how can i operate a business when my payment methods and its behaviour is uncertain . I cannot rely on this. I am still waiting or payment this has impacted my business caused delays in payment which impacts credibility of my business. There are lossesd which i have incurred due to this issue.

This is very disappointing specially after the new look launch , i would rather have invested that money in improving the service


Use tide as a stop gap until you open a real business bank account. Barclays are quite fast and efficient and get you up and running in a week or so. You just need to pass a credit check.


I’m really sorry to hear that @Kbiradar!
I have just looked in to your case, and while I can’t discus the details here I am happy to see a member of our team is in touch with you regarding this :slight_smile:
If you have any questions or if you would like to organise another phone call, do just reach out, we’d be happy to help!