Unable to use Tide Bank Account to open Vodaphone Business Mobile Contract


My ltd company was just refused a mobile contract with Vodafone based on the bank statement being with Tide. Their argument is that Tide is a prepaid account and can therefore not be used as a proof document.

They are asking me for a corporate bank statement with another bank whilst Tide is the only account we have. We do not rent office space either, so there are no alternative utility documents Vodafone are willing to accept.

Their proposal is to allow me to open a business contract in my own name instead, which I have no interest in (wouldn’t be expensable).

Anyone else had this problem or advise?

An identical issue with Three mobile is described here:


This is just Three Mobile being difficult, if I were you I would go to another mobile provider. I don’t think this is Tides fault because Tide IS a business bank account provider (not a bank in the traditional sense but you know what I mean :slight_smile:)

I think, because Tide doesn’t have a banking licence, just an E-Money licence, utility providers see these as less secure - u unjustifiably so though, because Tide is an FCA-regulated firm.

Hope you get it sorted anyway.


I have just had exactly the same thing with O2. I left their shop with my PAC code and went down the road to Vodafone, only to be told exactly the same thing. I have had nothing but hassle with this Tide account and this prepaid issue. Very disappointing as they do not make this clear to you when you are signing up, especially if you are new to this and its your first business account. I am now looking to move away from Tide to a more user friendly account