Unable to select "I already have an account" on Tide App


I am on a Samsung Galaxy S10 running the latest version of Android. I am unable to get back into my account as the app will not let me select “I already have an account”. It activates the same process as “Get Started”.

How did such an error even slip through your dev team? This causes big problems for small businesses.


Hi there Joe! I would recommend sending Member Support and email regarding this issue. State your full name and company name with the issue you are facing to hello@tide.co and Nick from Member Support will be in touch you regarding this.


Hi Nick, I have emailed you at hello@tide.co

Thank you.


Hi @Nick_at_Tide - this really is quite urgent. I am abroad in Peru and unable to access my account.


Hi Joe, Apologies but I cannot see your message. Can you include Nick in another message for me and I will be able to contact you. Sorry for the inconvenience


Hi @Nick_at_Tide, I am not sure what you mean. To include your name in the email subject?


Hi Joe, I can see your details however I cannot see any messages. Include my name in your next message and I will be locate it!

Apologies for the confusion!


Can you not check the system for when I originally sent the email at 1:57pm GMT? I have forwarded it again, hopefully the message is visible this time…


Hi Joe, we managed to find the ticket and apologies for the delay!

If you could reply to the ticket, we can resolve this as soon as possible!