Unable to scan on motorolo, android, Apple i phone, ipad even tried fire HD


As i have successfully used my phone to scan and upload my documents and photos for items like passport, and other legal reasons .There has to be a problem with the app. (or Tide have to provide a list of truelly compatible devices) Support have been at least answering my calls but the promised escalation has yet to happen. Reluctantly I will have to give up trying to join Tide. Oh yes reloaded apps, cleared cache downloaded app several times, various lighting (all as suggested) various backgrounds (as suggested). So referring me to the Tide info is a waste of time


Hello! We are saddened to hear that you are experiencing troubles with scanning your documents. Could you please tell us your company name so we can investigate this further for you? Thank you!


Hi I have had the same problem; I could not scan my passport or driving licence, The quality of image is not up to the standards required by tide. I received an email from tide to photograph my licence and send it to them. I took a high quality photo with my iPhone and emailed it to Mike (#487984).
I do not know if this photo was acceptable, but now see the same email requesting a photo:

"Actually, we need a photo of your driver licence. Please, photograph it while keeping in mind the instructions:

IMPORTANT: We can’t accept photos of documents made through monitors/scanned copies or screenshots. The document must be at hand, otherwise our systems will not be able to verify it.

Please, keep in mind the pictures have to be clear, try to avoid using flashes in order to eliminate any excessive glare. It’s recommended that all four corners of the document are included in the picture and a small portion of the surrounding background.

Thank you for the patience very much!"
It would be GREAT to have an update.
Thank you


Jaira ltd is company name


Hi Hugh,

I’m sorry about the delay in our response here! I can confirm that I’ve contacted you in regards to this recently and everything should be now sorted.

Once again, thank you for the patience and cooperation - they’ve been greatly appreciated! :blush:


Hi Ian,

Thanks for getting in touch and letting us know your company name.

I can confirm that our Onboarding team has been in touch with you via e-mail on the 27th of February in regards to our Onboarding processes which you may learn more about here: https://www.tide.co/blog/tide-update/what-is-kyc/ as well as: https://www.tide.co/faq/ive-been-asked-to-supply-proof-of-business/

Should you have any questions or concerns, please don’t hesitate to reply to their e-mail or send us one at hello@tide.co - we’d love to help you further.

Thanks in advance!

Best wishes,