Unable to perform simple bank transfer to Tide


I have attempted to transfer funds from my other bank accounts yet the Tide account details are either unrecognised or a suspected scam! I need this fixed asap please.

Still no response to the support message I sent this morning - What is the standard ETA for support responses?


Hi there @prospectivet

The messages you’re seeing are likely as a result of the Confirmation of Payee system that high-street banks have adopted of late. We don’t, unfortunately, have any control over what messages they present to their clients in regard to this.

Essentially, what the system does is check the account details against the available information at the recipient bank, and confirms the name of the account holder. Because we’re not part of the system, it will raise a message to alert you to be cautious.

You can still make the transfers that you want, but do make sure that the account details are exact. I do apologise if this has been a cause for concern, again - we have no control over how the banks communicate this.

I’ll have a look into the matter of your messages as well, the team are dealing with a lot of volume at the moment, but we do try to address requests as quickly as we can.



Yes, that is the message I receive from 3 different banks although I CANNOT MAKE TRANSFERS from any of them as they are deemed insecure. Please, please, please check this for me as a matter of urgency.



Thank you for getting back to me on this @prospectivet

I absolutely wish that this is something we could address from our side, but unfortunately we don’t have any control over how banks set their Confirmation of Payee systems up.

The best I can suggest is to contact someone at your bank so they can explain exactly how their implementation of the system is done and what your options are to circumvent it should you want to.