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I’ve downloaded the Tide app to continue and complete the identification process.

I opted for using my passport for verification purposes as I currently don’t have a driving license and being a U.K citizen, I do not have an identification card.

However, it’s not detecting my photo when I’m trying to take the photo and since the app automatically takes a photo but has no means of manual intervention (e.g. letting you take the photo yourself by clicking a button), I’m stuck.

I have followed the guide on how to take a photo (e.g. ensure lighting is viable, etc) but alas, no picture is taken automatically.

Could a member of staff reach out? I can provide a photo of my passport and send it through alternatively.

There is no in-app chat or anything like that as I’m stuck on the identification process.

P.S. My email address for Tide is the same one used for my Tide Community account.

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    Sep '20
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    Sep '20
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Hello @frxncisjoseph,

Thank you for contacting us.

Our support team contacted you via e-mail. They will work with you until this is fully resolved.

We are looking forward to your reply.


Hi Boris,

Received the email.

Thank you.

I’ll update this thread with what’s to follow to help anyone else who comes across this issue.

No surprise I received no sort of follow-up other then an email from yourself.

I think I’ll pass on using Tide, thank you.

Hello @frxncisjoseph,

Our support team contacted you via e-mail on Thursday in order to schedule a call with you.

On our end there is no reply to the e-mail as of yet. We have asked the team to resend the e-mail. Could you please refer to it?

Thank you in advance!