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Hi, i’m unable to make payments with my account or transfer money out of the account with just the response “we have been unable to process this request. please contact us for further details”.

and also when looking at my account it shows “we had difficulty loading your recent transactions” and any payment (say at amazon for example) declines.

I’m sent a message in app and by email but have no idea if my account has been blocked or whether there are technical difficulties with Tide at the moment.

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    Dec '20
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Had over £3000 taking out if my account at a car hiring place kept trying the card because i said its definitely got funds in , then check my balance 3k light , no information or nothing , prob be sorted when they get back to work monday :grimacing:

they just replay me and confirmed that they do have some issue on their service which effected on their services like payment and ATM withdrawals …

2 months later

Hi there,

Thank you for sharing your feedback, questions and ideas on our Community page.
You can easily check for any technical issues or planned maintenance on our status page here - https://status.tide.co/ 2 Also, we make sure to post such incidents on our social media channel as well.

If any further questions come up, feel free to reach out in-app or via email at [email protected], our team will be happy to assist you!

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