Unable to login


I have entered my security code and receive the following message “We are unable to authenticate this request”

can some one call me or email me



It maybe due to me upgrading from an iPhone 5 to iPhone 7. Although I used a restore from a backup option for some reason the login does not work for the iPhone 7.
If I re-use the iPhone 5 with wifi it works.
Has anybody come across this before and if so is there a setting on the iPhone or what?


Sorry for the delay in coming back to you @stevewebb,

For security reasons, your code will not work on restored versions of the app, you’ll just need to delete and re-install the app on your iPhone7 and go through the account recovery process.

You can read more here

We’ve just sent you an email about this too, if you need any further assistance do just let us know :slight_smile:


Thanks Katie