Unable to log in to sync Xero


A few days ago for the first time I went through the process to link my account with my accountancy software Xero but for some reason the QR code is not working to log in from my phone to my Computer.

I contacted support and they recommended an uninstall and reinstall of the App which I did. Today I was granted access to my Tide account again after going through the verification process but I am still unable to log in via the QR code on my computer.

The phone I am using is a Samsung S5 however I have tested the same feature in Whatsapp where you log into your PC version of Whatsapp using your mobile phone to scan a QR code but that has no issues so this must be a software problem with the Tide application.

Any suggestions?


Hello there John,

Sorry to hear about the inconveniences experienced.

This has been a recent issue occuring on older devices running with older Android OS versions.
Could you please update your OS to 7+ and try logging in through the web once again?

We have also reached out to you via the thread in the in-app-chat. Kindly refer to it if you have any further inquiries.

Best regards,


Galaxy S5 has been checked and it will only upgrade to 6.0.1 and show that as the latest update.