Unable to download app and therefore unable to access my account


I have a Tide Business account, and unable to update the app. So I deleted it.

It’snow telling me to go to the French store, the reason possibly for that is I was originally in France when I set up the account. But when I do there is no Tide app there.

On the UK Apple app site there is and until I can access the app which wouldn’t update anyway) I cant access my account

I’m using iphone x and latest version of iOS

Anyone able to help?


Hi there, @digitalgerry

I’m not aware of any issue that would prevent the app from updating, but your region has to be set to the UK appstore for the app itself to be accessible.

I’d recommend switching over to it and trying to download and update the app once again, and if this doesn’t work, let me or the Member Support team know at hello@tide.co, so we can assist further.