Uber won't work with Tide card


I attempted to get an Uber this morning using my Tide card and also my Paypal linked with Tide and Uber would not work with either. Is this due to the card being prepaid?


Hi @JackBlackburn, I can confirm that certain transportation services, such as Uber, do not currently accept the Tide card due to its prepaid nature. We are working on having the card accepted by these vendors. I apologise for the inconvenience this may have caused you especially this morning.


Is there any sign of any progress on this one? This is actually rather a pain. I realise it’s Uber’s fault but it would be hugely desirable to have this sorted…


Hi @hfjc,
We have been in touch with Uber about this however at this stage there has been no progress. We’ll be sure to update you on this thread if that changes :slightly_smiling_face:


H will the Apple Store and Samsung Store accept the card


Yes they will @DebraPring :grinning:


Hi Katie, I would check the reasons behind it, because I am sure that other prepaid cards work with Uber (see Revolut). Hopefully this will help you in your investigation!


Hi @Viktoria_at_Tide and @Katie_at_Tide

Can you provide an update on if/when this feature will be added please?

I tried to use my Tide card with Uber the other day and found it really annoying that I can’t.



Sorry you’ve had trouble using your card @JoeC,

Many of our members successfully use their Tide cards with Uber. We’re aware some still experience trouble and we are looking in to this, however there is no update at this stage.

If you have any further questions do just let us know :slight_smile:


Ok thanks.

So do you mean that Uber have changed the policy of not accepting Tide cards due to their prepaid nature, which I read further up in this thread?

If so, I’ll get in touch directly with Uber. Was just unsure as there hadn’t been a progress update since.


Hi @JoeC,

Unfortunately we haven’t had confirmation either way yet. At this stage though we have many members who have successfully used Uber and some who cannot link them.

We’ll update this post if we have any more information.


Nick has told me that Uber is blocked by Tide, and not the other way around - is that correct? It’s annoying not to be able to use a business-oriented account for a business-oriented service.


HI @matthewbloch

Sorry about the miscommunication here! You should be able to use Uber with your Tide card if you are using the UK version of the app and are using the app in the UK.

Let me know how you get on and if there’s anything else I can do to help.



Thanks @Valentine_at_Tide. But I’ve tried twice and got an error.

To be clear, I am trying to set up Tide as a payment method for my “Uber For Business” account, rather than to pay directly for trips on my personal Uber account. They try to do a $200 pre-auth, which is refused.


Hi @matthewbloch,

I’m afraid that for cases where Uber services might be used in geographies they can’t estimate up-front, or when using anything else than the UK Uber app - the Tide card won’t work.

I’m sorry about this, I completely understand this might cause inconvenience to you and your business. Have you tried to reach out to them to see if you could pay the pre-auth with a different payment method?



Nick on the chat is telling me something slightly different about why the charge is declined. I’ve pointed Uber Business at this thread and asked if they could talk to you about it. For now neither Tide nor Uber is getting used in a situation when I want to use both :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I am trying to reconcile 3 different accounts of why it doesn’t work to 3 different parties, when I don’t feel like it’s my problem to solve. imo this is on Tide to fix, but I’ll leave it for now.


Is there a workaround for Uber? I’m fed up of having to do expense claims for all of my taxi rides.


Apologies for any miscommunication regarding Tide payments to Uber. Our product team have spoken with Uber directly and Uber no longer impose a blanket block on Prepay cards. In locations where Uber can provide a precise up-front fare estimate (like the UK) prepay cards should now work.

Uber will not work when Tide cards are used in locations where Uber does not have the ability to precisely estimate the fare up-front - therefore Tide cards will not work with Uber outside the UK and will not work unless the Uber app was downloaded from a UK app store. These are rules implemented by Uber so unfortunately we can’t impose any changes, but we will continue to maintain a conversation with Uber and communicate any updates to our members.

Thanks, Ali